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Friday, July 9th 2010

8:23 AM

Thank you or Curse you.

We just got home from campmeeting and boy was it good. The message that left the most impact was the first one we heard by Bro. Jeremy Simpson on Raising a Worthless Generation. It was on raising a generation who will never hear from God. It is a sad, sobering thought. I see it happening. I have gone to church with parents who wouldn't miss a ballgame, made sure their child had great education, but weren't  faithful to God, church, Bible reading or any of the things of God.  I watch parents who I know were raised going to church regularly but they do not pass that on to their children.

Parents, when your child stands before God, will they be thankful for what you taught them or not? Education, family time, gym, sports are all good things BUT they will not save your child's soul and take them to Heaven. They will not give them the strength and character to resist sin. They will not give them the comfort and forgiveness that God can give them. Those things, while wonderful things, will not give them rewards in Heaven.  ONLY what is done for CHRIST will last!

When your child stands before God will they thank you for what you taught them or curse you. Will you rejoice for what you see your child receive or grieve?

Parent if you make sure your child has the best education this world has to offer, you make sure they are well rounded in sports and activities, you spend plenty of family time together, but you don't teach them how to be saved, you don't teach them to love God and be faithful to Him - you have failed your child.

I am not talking about teaching them a form of religion by taking them to church every so often. The basis of the message by Bro Simpson, was the story of Eli and his sons in 1 Samuel 2:12-36. Eli was a priest of God. His boys would have been raised in "church" if you will, but they weren't taught the real fear of the Lord, to obey the Lord, that God means what He says and will hold you accountable. They had a form of religion and that is all. They didn't know, love and obey God. Do your children? Do YOU?

It was a sad end for Eli and his sons. All three died the same day, Eli probably went to paradise, but his sons it is pretty sure went to Hell. I think one of the saddest things will be for a saved parent who knows how to be saved, but never passes it on to their child and then one day will have to watch as that child is cast into a lake of fire for eternity.

Maybe though the reason you haven't taught your children to love, fear, & obey God is that you don't know how yourself. Maybe you have never received the love of God, the free gift of salvation He offers to you. I urge you today, repent ( that is turn from your way) and trust Jesus Christ as your Saviour. He loves you so much. We are all sinners and deserve hell. Jesus took the punishment we deserve on calvary, shed His precious sinless blood to wash away our sin, and died on the cross in our place. The third day He arose in victory over sin, death, the grave, hell, and satan and offers us the free gift of salvation that He bought for us that day. Won't you receive it and then pass on that knowledge to your children.

I urge you parents, love God and live for Him with all your heart, soul, strength and might and lead your children to love and live for Him also.

Ephesians 6:4 And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

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